Earthbound Environmental Solutions, LLC

As a business in the Chippewa Valley, Earthbound is your local choice for organics recycling. Earthbound, a recognized innovator in the industry, offers dynamic services to meet the needs of our ever changing business community. This is accomplished by combining hauling services, processing capability, and business support and sales.


All services are paid in advance with subscribers receiving their invoice prior to the start of a new quarter. Invoices are due by the start of the subscribers' new quarter in order to continue services. All invoices paid after the start of a new quarter are subject to a late fee, which is outlined on the invoice, as well as an interruption in services. Invoices are sent electronically or via US Mail with subsequent payment reminders sent accordingly. This includes a secondary email reminder (to the email account on file), a courtesy phone call (to the phone number provided at sign-up) and a final notice letter that is sent via US Mail to the billing address. To make certain you are receiving your invoices, please ensure your email on file is accurate and that our email address is added to your contacts. Please also ensure the phone number on your account is the best number to reach you at. Should a subscriber's account remain unpaid after the start of a new quarter, a pause in service will be placed on the account. This will result in collection not occurring until the account is paid in full.Earthbound reserves the right to collect our curbside containers at any time when an account is unpaid. Should our containers be collected from an account, a reinstatement fee will be applied to the account. We may also require the account to pay bi-annually in advance, if there are recurring payment issues/concerns. Earthbound is not responsible for collecting any waste, including waste already placed inside containers, if an account is unpaid.

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