Earthbound’s Community Support Efforts

Earthbound is a family owned business located in the Chippewa Valley. As a result of the community support we receive, we feel it is our responsibility to reciprocate such support. Ways we look to give back consist of investing in community focused projects, offering education and outreach, and providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities. We are honored to be your local community partner providing high quality services that benefit us all.

Does Earthbound pick up bulk items?

As of March 2024, all area haulers have discontinued participation in the free aspect of the bulk item collections. Please see Eau Claire County's Press Release as well as Earthbound's Press Release for more information.  Earthbound is a small local business with a focus on sustainability. Not only do these collections present a large cost, which historically the haulers have had to absorb during the Free Bulk Item collection weeks twice per year, they also result in many items being disposed of that could possibly be donated or recycled in some way. If you have items that are still usable in any fashion, or could possibly be diverted from the landfill, we are happy to help you find ways to donate or recycle them. The Eau Claire County Recycling website is very helpful in identifying how to manage many of the items that are commonly disposed of during bulk item week. For items that are no longer salvageable, a collection can be scheduled for a fee at any time throughout the year by emailing with picture(s) and a brief description of what you would like collected. All bulk items must be paid for prior to collection.  Please note that bulk items placed curbside will not be collected unless we have heard from the account holder to schedule collection and pre-payment has been received. Additionally, if there is a request for a bulk item collection, this may occur on a day separate from your regular curbside collection depending on how many collections are set for a day.  At this time Earthbound does not collect Bulk Items from non-subscribers. 

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