Earthbound Environmental Solutions, LLC

Your Local Choice for Sustainable Waste Management

With the “Forward” motto of this great state we believe that now is the the time to dramatically change the landscape of waste management services. Locally, our community needs are changing and with those changes come inherent challenges. Recognizing the need for a larger landfill diversion program, the team at Earthbound started the work in 2012 to bring an organics recycling program to the Chippewa Valley, which supports both community residents and businesses.

Why We Care

Our company was founded in 2014 based on our passion to preserve our Earth and our community. At Earthbound, we are more than just a garbage company, we are a community partner. We care because this is our local community where our families and friends live and where we have chosen to build our lives. We see an abundance of potential within all community members, many of whom already share our same passion. Also, as patrons of our local businesses we want to help business owners have a greater choice on how they impact their community. Please feel free to view our short video that explains more about Earthbound’s mission.

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