Bulk Item Collection-Earthbound will not be participating in 2021

Date: 4/19/2021 - 4/23/2021

Earthbound has made the decision not to participate in the free Bulk Item Pick-Ups for the 2021 calendar year. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

As a small local business with a focus on sustainability there is often a large cost associated with these collections and many of the items disposed of are items that could possibly be donated or recycled in some way. We are here to help folks identify if there may be a better means of disposing of larger items so have included the link to the Eau Claire County's Recycling & Disposal Guide, which is very helpful in identifying how to manage many of the items that are commonly disposed of during bulk item week. 

With that, we do understand that we all end up with bulk items that just aren't salvageable in any way and must be thrown in the landfill. We're happy to accommodate the collection of bulk items for an identified fee, which ranges based on what item(s) are being collected. We ask that subscribers send us an Email indicating what they need collected. Pictures are most helpful for items such as chairs, couches, desks and anything that could vary in size, material and weight as we'll want to be sure we can get you an accurate quote.

**For specific bulk item pick up weeks (Spring and Fall) we are happy to offer 1/2 price on all requested bulk item collections. Pick-ups must be scheduled by Thursday the week prior, to receive the discounted offer. 

Please note that bulk items placed curbside will not be collected unless we have heard from the account holder to schedule collection. Additionally, if there is a request for a bulk item collection, this may occur on a day separate from your regular curbside collection depending on how many collections are set for a day. 

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