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What services does Earthbound offer and what does it cost?


We offer it all; curbside organics recycling (AKA-curbside composting), year round leaf and yard waste recycling, traditional recycling, and garbage collection.

Our services consist of weekly or bi-weekly curbside collection and can be set up as Full Service (Organics Recycling, Traditional Recycling, Garbage) or Organics Only. 

Full Service includes three standard cart size options (35, 65, 95 gal) as well as an 18 gal. recycling tote/bin and a FREE 15 pack of compostable bags with each paid quarter. Services are billed quarterly and in advance, just as folks are used to. Services start at around $61/quarter. Please send us an Email if you would like a price quote as pricing does vary based on container size and location. Be sure to specify your location and what size container you're needing. At this time we are only serving Eau Claire County.  

Organics Only Service includes a bucket to contain your Earthbound compostable bags and 15 free compostable bags each quarter. You can also have one bag of yard waste outside of your bucket each week, included in the cost! Services start at around $40/quarter. Please send us an Email if you would like a price quote as pricing does may vary based on location.

The curbside composting program is designed to be EASY; simply put the compostable waste you would otherwise throw in your garbage, into your Earthbound compostable bag. When your bag is full, tie it up by the handles and put it in the same curbside container as your garbage. We'll do the sorting for you at the curb! Then, pat yourself on the back for making such a simple change in your habits, which will better our environment for years to come. 

Complete list of what is/isn't compostable with Earthbound


What is organics recycling?

Organics recycling is taking recycling to a whole new level! This process involves recycling anything that was once alive- into compost! 

Similar to other recycling practices, Eau Claire residents now have the choice to separate and recycle their organic material from their home; AKA-Curbside Composting. We've designed the program to be EASY for subscribers and give you all you need to get started. 

Wondering what we accept for Organics? Many are surprised to hear we accept ALL FOOD WASTE as well as yard waste (all year round!) and other compostable items. See our Complete list of what is/isn't compostable with Earthbound

What can I compost with Earthbound?
Please see our Complete list of what is/isn't compostable with Earthbound, broken down by room of your home.
How should I prepare for Curbside Composting?

Organics collection is simple and easy. Using a collection container of your choice and your Earthbound compostable bags, you can effortlessly separate your organic material from your regular garbage. When your Earthbound bags are full, they simply tied up by the handles and placed in your organics/garbage curbside receptacle.  Please note that your Earthbound compostable bag and regular garbage bags will be contained in the same curbside receptacle for collection. We will do the sorting for you! 

Composting tips – We asked you for your composting tips and here was what we heard!

  • Fill up your Earthbound bag completely to make the most of your free bag supply!
  • Store your organic material in a bucket (ie-ice cream pail) and then dump the material into your compostable bag when it's full. The feedback that we have gotten is that this dramatically cuts down on the number of bags used per week. In fact one subscriber shared that their household can fit 2-3 ice cream buckets into their bag each week!
  • Use one bag for your dry organics in your bathroom (tissues, cardboard q-tips, hair) allowing that to become full before you fill the rest of the bag with your food and other wet organics.
  • Vegetable and fruit materials should be chopped into smaller pieces as it is easier to store this material in a container in your kitchen when it is smaller sized. This will also help maximize your bag space! 
  • Have your compost pail near your cutting board when you are preparing meals so that the material can be easily transferred from the cutting board to the compost container.
  • Please note that your Earthbound compostable bags are meant to break down as they are made from corn. Material left in your bag for several days will start to decompose, along with the bag, and may result in leakage. This is to be expected, which is why many subscribers collect the material separately and then dump into their bag. 

If you have a subscriber tip, chances are someone (or many someones) could benefit from learning, so please share with us! Tips can be emailed to:

How do I get more green compostable Earthbound bags?

Earthbound makes organics recycling easy by offering a limited number of counter top compostable bags FREE to each subscriber, with each paid quarter *.

Additional bags are available for purchase and are dropped with your regular pick up, as requested.

Requests for purchased bags need to be received by the Friday prior to a new week, in order to ensure they are added to the route. Without advance notice, we cannot guarantee your bags will be delivered the same week. We do not have a pick up location at this time. 

*Quarterly green bags are scheduled for delivery the week following the start of your new quarter (reference your most recent invoice for this information). Should your payment be received late, green bags will not make it on the schedule for delivery. We will make every effort to track late payments and bags due for delivery. Thank you for your understanding.  

How should I store my Earthbound Compostable Bags?

Earthbound's compostable bags are made from materials that may become brittle if stored outside during a typical Wisconsin winter. It is best to store them in a dry area where temperatures are neutral. 

Your empty bags should always be stored in a convenient spot within your home and when full should be transported directly from your kitchen or other room in your home to the curbside receptacle.

How do I separate my organics from my regular garbage?

At Earthbound, we're here to make Organics Recycling easy! Visit the link here for a complete list of what is accepted for Organics. 

To get started, identify how you want to contain your organic waste. Many folks use a bucket with a lid, such as an ice cream pail. When this is full the material can then be dumped into your green Earthbound compostable bags! Green bags go right in the same container as your garbage, simple as that! We'll do the sorting at the curb.

Subscriber tips: 
- Freeze bucket of organic waste before dumping into your compostable bag. 
- Freeze bag of organics after organic waste is dumped into it.

*Please note that green Earthbound compostable bags are made from corn and are meant to break down. Organic material should not sit in your bag for more than 3-4 days as breakdown may occur. 

Feeling crafty? Visit here for a fun DIY kitchen compost bucket:

What does my traditional recycling service include?
  • Standard curbside recycling collection--SINGLE STREAM (no sorting necessary).
  • One receptacle is provided per household. If you would like to upgrade your recycling, please contact our Office for additional information. 
  • Cardboard, mixed paper, glass bottles/jars, tin/steel cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles/jugs/containers (1 & 2's only--See Recycling Flyer). 

View our complete Recycling Flyer for more information!
Does Earthbound offer yard waste pick-up?

Seasonal yard waste is a thing of the past with Earthbound! Now your curbside service allows you the convenience of having yard waste pick up as part of your weekly collection, ALL YEAR ROUND! 

* Yard waste must be contained in a compostable bag (brown paper yard waste bags or ASTM6400 compostable bag) with no tape or ties utilized. 
* An additional charge will be incurred in the event a non compostable bag is utilized and/or if bags are excessively heavy.
* Any yard waste that fits in your garbage/organics container without being smashed in will not incur an additional charge. We are happy to accept bags placed outside of your container for a small, per bag fee. 
* We do not accept dirt (including sod, dug up soil or soil from potted plants) or treated grass. Please do not put yard waste bags containing these materials at your curb as they will not be collected. 

Seasonal Yard Waste Info:

  • Seasonal yard waste collection occurs each Spring and Fall, which includes yard waste beyond what fits in your curbside receptacle. Please visit our Events Calendar for information on seasonal yard waste collection dates and additional information regarding this. 

Please contact us for more information on yard waste collection:

Earthbound is happy to schedule and collect yard waste from non subscribers. In order to best serve you and provide an accurate quote, please send a photo of what you need collected along with your inquiry. Inquiries (photos included) can be emailed to If you prefer, you may also text your photo and inquiry to (715) 952-5608. 

What time will my waste be collected?

Curbside collection occurs between 5:00am and 5:30pm, thus your receptacles need to be to your curbside by 5:00am on your day of collection to avoid a missed pick up. Should you miss your pick up and ask for a return trip, an additional charge will be added to your account. 

Earthbound cannot guarantee pick up times based on growth and need for changes in routes as appropriate. Your pick up may occur earlier or later than prior pick-ups, so if you note your waste has not yet been collected, please wait until 5:30pm to contact our office if at that point there are issues with it being collected. 

Receptacles cannot be placed for collection any earlier than 5:00pm the day prior to your collection and shall be removed on the day of collection.

What if my pick-up day falls on a holiday?

During the week of a holiday ALL pick ups the day of and after the holiday will be moved to the following business day, unless otherwise notified. Mondays will be collected Tuesday, Tuesdays collected Wednesday, etc. 

Please ensure your receptacles are curbside by 5:00am on your day of collection to avoid a missed pick up. Should you miss your pick up and ask for a return trip, an additional charge will be added to your account. 

Earthbound cannot guarantee pick up times based on growth and need for changes in routes as appropriate, as well as during holiday weeks. Your pick up may occur earlier or later than prior pick-ups, so if you note your waste has not yet been collected, please wait until 5:30pm to contact our office if at that point there are issues with it being collected. 

Earthbound recognizes the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
Can I upgrade my traditional recycling?
An 18 gal. recycling tote is provided as part of our standard service offering. Should you desire to upgrade your recycling, we have the following options:
- Additional 18 gal. tote
- 35 gal. rollable cart
- 65 gal. rollable cart

Please contact our Office in order to obtain specific pricing on recycling upgrades.
Does Earthbound participate in the Spring and Fall Bulk Item collections?
Earthbound has made the decision not to participate in the free Bulk Item Pick-Ups. 

As a small local business with a focus on sustainability there is often a large cost associated with these collections and many of the items disposed of are items that could possibly be donated or recycled in some way. We are here to help folks identify if there may be a better means of disposing of larger items so have included the link to the Eau Claire County's Recycling & Disposal Guide, which is very helpful in identifying how to manage many of the items that are commonly disposed of during bulk item week. 

We do understand that we all end up with bulk items that just aren't salvageable in any way and must be thrown in the landfill. We're happy to accommodate the collection of bulk items for an identified fee, which ranges based on what item(s) are being collected. We ask that subscribers send us an Email indicating what they need collected. Pictures are most helpful for items such as chairs, couches, desks and anything that could vary in size, material and weight as we'll want to be sure we can get you an accurate quote.

**For specific bulk item pick up weeks (Spring and Fall) we are happy to offer 1/2 price on all requested bulk item collections (1 item only eligible for 1/2 price deal). Pick-ups must be scheduled by Thursday the week prior, to receive the discounted offer. 

Please note that bulk items placed curbside will not be collected unless we have heard from the account holder to schedule collection. Additionally, if there is a request for a bulk item collection, this may occur on a day separate from your regular curbside collection depending on how many collections are set for a day. 

Where can I mail my payment?
Payments can be mailed to: 

2809 E. Hamilton Ave. #125
Eau Claire, WI 54701

*We do not have a drop off location for payments at this time. Payments will need to be made either via our website, by mail, or by contacting us at the office (715-952-5608). Thank you!