Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does Earthbound offer?

We offer it all; curbside organics recycling (curbside composting), year round leaf and yard waste recycling, traditional recycling, and garbage collection.

The program is so EASY; simply collect your organic material in an Earthbound bag, and when your bag is full place the bag in your curbside receptacle.

We wanted the program to be easy and mirror the current curbside garbage and recycling community members have been accustomed to. Subscribers maintain the same day of service and the same number of curbside receptacles...

Earthbound's services are affordable, and we are within a couple dollars high/low of your current provider.

Collection of all acceptable organic materials.

What is organics recycling?

Organics recycling is taking recycling to a whole new level!

Similar to other recycling practices  you are now have the choice to separate and recycle your organic material. In home organics recylcing is so EASY; simply collect your organic material in an Earthbound bag, and when your bag is full place the bag in your curbside receptacle.

Organics recycling can be done in your home with your fruits and veggies and around your yard with your leaves and other yard materials.

What is Source Separated Compostable Material (SSCM)?

SSCM is compostable material that is separated from non-compostable material, which is able to be processed in such a manner that compost is created as an end product.

What items are compostable?
In general, for the:

Kitchen: Food Scraps (Veggies, Fruits, Grains, Frozen Foods, etc.), Soiled paper,  Pizza Boxes, Tissues, Paper Towels, Paper Cups and Plates etc. Coffee Grounds, Filters, Teabags, etc. Paper Towels, Napkins, Tissues, etc. Plant-based utensils (BPI Certified Products)

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Bathroom: Tissues, Paper Towels, (compostable paper products must not be soiled with human, fecal matter, blood born pathgens, chemical based solvent cleaners, etc.) Beard Clippings, Hair Clippings, Pet hair clippings, Q-tips (Paper Middles)

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Around the Yard: Grass Clippings (Herbicide/Chemical free), Leaves, Shrub clippings

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Miscellaneous: Houseplant Clippings, Dead Houseplants, Dust and Dirt sweepings

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What items are NOT compostable?

Honestly there should be very little in your regular trash apart from plastics (plastic wrap, plastic packaging, non-recyclable plastic bags), broken glass, ceramics, rubber, leather, non-recyclable metal, diapers, and pet feces.

See our Full List of what is accepted/not accepted.

How should I prepare for organics collection?

Organics collection is simple and easy. Using the provided countertop compost container and Earthbound BPI certified bags, you can effortlessly separate your organic material from your regular garbage. When these bags are full, they are put in your organics/garbage curbside receptacle.  Please note that your Earthbound compostable bag and regular garbage bags will be contained in the same curbside receptacle for collection.

Composting tips – We asked and you listened! We asked you for your composting tips and here was what we heard!

  • Filling up your Earthbound bag, and making the most of your FREE Bag supply!
  • Some folks tell us they are storing additional organic material in ice cream pails in their fridge and then dumping this material into their compostable bags once a week. The feedback that we have gotten is that this dramatically cuts down on the number of bags used per week. In fact one subscriber shared that their household can fit 2-3 ice cream buckets into their bag each week!
  • Another subscriber shared that at their house, they use one bag for their dry organics in their bathroom allowing that to become full before they fill the rest of the bag with food organics and other wet organics.
  • Vegetable and fruit materials should be chopped into smaller pieces as it is easier to store this material in a container in your kitchen when it is smaller sized.
  • Have your compost pail near your cutting board when you are preparing meals so that the material can be easily transferred from the cutting board to the compost bucket.

These are GREAT tips and we encourage you all to keep the information coming!! If you've got a tip, chances are someone (or many someones) could benefit from learning, so please share

How do I get Earthbound bags?

We make organics recycling easy by offering great services and great products. Earthbound is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of counter top bags FREE to each member. Additional bags are available for purchase. Currently we are offering one size of counter top bags. Please Contact Us for more information. 

You may also receive up to one (per lifetime/per household) countertop collection container, FREE of charge. Additional containers are available for purchase for an small fee. Please Contact Us for more information. 

How should I store my Earthbound Compostable Bags?

The Earthbound bags are made from materials that may become brittle if stored outside during a typical Wisconsin winter.

Your empty bags should always be stored in a convenient spot within your home and when full should be transported directly from your kitchen or other room in your home to the curbside receptacle.

Remember we are a small and simple program. Help us out by placing your green Earthbound near the top of your container.

Can I home make my own counter top compost pail?

How much does it cost and what do services include?


Earthbound knows it can be! We offer it all; curbside organics recycling (curbside composting), leaf and yard waste recycling, traditional recycling, and garbage collection. We do all this while still being within a couple bucks of the other great providers in the area. And infact in some cases we are actually a cheaper option.
Here is what we offer:

  • Standard curbside organics and garbage collection
    • Free starter supply of Earthbound bags each quarter
  • Various cart sizes to choose from (*organics, including yard waste and garbage in one receptacle)
  • Pick up service for bulk items can be arranged for an additional fee. It may be necessary to send a hauling vehicle outside of your normal pick-up to service such items. Please Contact Us for more information.
  • Up the drive service available for an additional fee.
What does my recycling service include?
  • Standard curbside recycling collection
  • One receptacle is provided per household
  • Single stream recycling of:
  • #1-5 & #7
  • Cardboard, mixed paper, glass bottles jars, tin/steel cans, and aluminum cans.
What does my regular yard waste collection service include?
  • Curbside yard waste collection (must be enclosed in organics/garbage curbside receptacle).
  • Year round yard waste collection (provided that the material fits within your curbside receptacle.
  • Earthbound’s BPI Certified bags must be utilized and are available for purchase. Please Contact Us for more information.


Does Earthbound offer yard waste pick-up? You bet!

Seasonal yard waste is a thing of the past with Earthbound. Now you curside service  allows you the convienece of having yard waste pick us as part of your weekly service!!! Please make sure that your yard waste fits in your container to avoid a small additional per bag fee.

Seasonal Yard Waste Info:

  • Seasonal yard waste collection occurs each Spring and Fall, which includes yard waste beyond what fits in your curbside receptacle. 
  • Seasonal yard waste must also be contained in in either  Earthbound’s BPI Certified bags, or compostable paper bags.
  • Please Contact Us for more information. See our Calendar of Events for the current calendar pick up dates.
When is my collection day and time?

Curbside collection occurs between 5:00am and 5:30pm, thus your receptacles need to be to your curbside by 5:00am on your day of collection.

Receptacles cannot be placed for collection any earlier than 5:00pm the day prior to your collection and shall be removed on the day of collection.

Earthbound supports subscribers by doing our best to maintain your same day of collection that you have become accustomed to.

What if my pick-up day falls on a holiday?

When your regular collection day falls on one of these holidays Earthbound will collect your materials the following business day. Earthbound recognizes the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
What are zero waste events?

Zero or low waste events are planned gatherings, family functions etc. that also create less waste due to some very easy strategies: 

  • Encourage friends and family to use reusable containers with lids rather than plastic wrap.
  • Instead of using disposable plastic plates or cups, use paper plates/cups that can be composted or reusable dishes and cups that can be taken home and washed.
  • Prepare homemade drinks in larger quantities ahead of your event.
  • Be sure to have paper bags or your regular recycling bins on-hand for regular curbside recyclables -- cans, plastic bottles, aluminum foil, glass, etc.
  • Use your Earthbound organics collection bags for all organic materials.

5 R’s of Waste Management:

  • Reduce what you do need.
  • Reuse by using non disposal products
  • Reuse by using reusables.