Residential Curbside Hauling Services

DID YOU KNOW THAT SAVING THE WORLD CAN BE EASY AND AFFORDABLE? Earthbound offers a number of dynamic services including the area’s newest, most exciting service of curbside organics recycling.

We offer it all; curbside organics recycling (AKA-curbside composting), year round leaf and yard waste recycling, traditional recycling, and garbage collection.

Our services consist of weekly or bi-weekly curbside collection and can be set up as Full Service (Organics Recycling, Traditional Recycling, Garbage) or Organics Only. 

Full Service includes three standard cart size options (35, 65, 95 gal) as well as an 18 gal. recycling tote/bin and a FREE 15 pack of compostable bags with each paid quarter. Services are billed quarterly and in advance, just as folks are used to. Please send us an Email if you would like a price quote as pricing does vary based on container size and location. Be sure to specify your location and what size container you're needing. At this time we are only serving Eau Claire County.  

Organics Only Service includes a bucket to contain your Earthbound compostable bags and 15 free compostable bags each quarter. You can also have one bag of yard waste outside of your bucket each week, included in the cost! Services start at around $45/quarter. Please send us an Email if you would like a price quote as pricing does may vary based on location.

The curbside composting program is designed to be EASY; simply put the compostable waste you would otherwise throw in your garbage, into your Earthbound compostable bag. When your bag is full, tie it up by the handles and put it in the same curbside container as your garbage. We'll do the sorting for you at the curb! Then, pat yourself on the back for making such a simple change in your habits, which will better our environment for years to come. 

Complete list of what is/isn't compostable with Earthbound

SIGNING UP for Earthbound is easy-peasy!! Simply fill out a Sign-Up Form and tell us a little more information, including container size for your household and when you're looking to start services. You can also email us with the necssary information. That's it! From there we will contact you to answer any questions you may have about getting things started! 

YARD WASTE-Year Round: 
Got yard waste? Earthbound is here for you! Not only do we offer 2x/year pick up of bulk yard waste, we are pleased to offer the option of disposing of your yard waste materials EVERY WEEK! That's right, we'll collect this material weekly with your regular pick-up. Please visit our FAQ's for more information on yard waste collection. 

Have a question? Give us a call at 715.555.5555