Yard Waste Disposal

Seasonal yard waste is a thing of the past with Earthbound! Now your curbside service allows you the convenience of having yard waste pick up as part of your weekly collection, ALL YEAR ROUND! 

* Yard waste must be contained in a compostable bag (brown paper yard waste bags or ASTM6400 compostable bag) with no tape or ties utilized. 
* An additional charge will be incurred in the event a non compostable bag is utilized and/or if bags are excessively heavy.

* Any yard waste that fits in your garbage/organics container without being smashed in will not incur an additional charge. We are happy to accept bags placed outside of your container for a small, per bag fee. 
* We do not accept dirt (including sod, dug up soil or soil from potted plants) or treated grass. Please do not put yard waste bags containing these materials at your curb as they will not be collected. 

Seasonal Yard Waste Info:

Please contact us for more information on yard waste collection: office@earthboundenviro.com

Earthbound is happy to schedule and collect yard waste from non subscribers. In order to best serve you and provide an accurate quote, please email a photo of what you need collected along with your inquiry. Inquiries (photos included) can be emailed to office@earthboundenviro.com.

Have a question? Give us a call at 715.555.5555